The wealth management “client” is now a family.

Welcome to The Family Conversation, a digital toolbox of training and solutions that help advisors facilitate better engagement with clients and their families.

Our advisor practice management effort focuses on transitioning advisors from an investments-focused practice to a more retirement income/protection and security focused role needed by their retiring Age Wave clients.


The “head of household” is now surrounded by three or more generations of aging parents, adult children, grandchildren, former spouses, current partners and other relatives — all of whom may require financial support. Optimizing the family finances means balancing different objectives and competing priorities. It means talking about medical care for a parent while funding a graduate student – the classic planning “sandwich”.  


The Family Conversation is a forum for coping with the four key life transitions of aging — residence, health care, transportation and financial decision making. It’s about living independently but safely, and about growing up and launching a career or balancing work and children. Most importantly, The Family Conversation is help — help with learning about choices and resources and help with making important decisions. You’ve come to the right place.

Financial Wellness is our True North

Advisor Training

We help advisors and their companies better understand and connect with the family, its complex needs and relationships. Three training modules focus on the key opportunities of better family engagement:

  • Better Conversations: How to Talk to Clients About Health and Longevity

  • Financial Wellness as an Asset Consolidation Strategy

  • Successfully Manage the Four Key Life Transitions of Aging

  • Engaging with Older Clients: How to Help Prevent Mistakes, Fraud and Abuse


Client Financial Wellness Scoring

Through our partnership with Whealthcare Solutions, Inc., we offer a suite of financial wellness scores that help advisors and clients engage on topics that can be personal, emotional and complicated. Simple assessments address clients’ important planning issues – driving better engagement, retaining and consolidating assets, on-boarding new clients and referrals:

  • Financial Decision Making Score

  • Financial Literacy Score

  • Estate Planning Preparedness Score

  • Health Care Decisions and Cost Control Score

  • Living Transitions Plan

  • Driving Transitions Plan


Financial Wellness Safety Scoring and Risk Profile

For advisory firms and wealth management organizations, how do you evaluate clients for age-related risks of mistakes, abuse and fraud? We use the only clinically based objective risk assessment, the Financial Wellness Safety Scores from Whealthcare Planning. Created from an two year study of age related financial decision-making conducted at The Massachusetts General Hospital, the Financial Wellness Safety Score captures the client’s current state of Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Risks and Financial Literacy. Clients, their advisors and their families can then take appropriate action and advisory firms can better secure their clients and minimize risk to the firm. Ideal for Legal, Risk and Compliance professionals as well as organizational leadership. We can tailor a program to support the specific needs of your firm.


Data Strategy and Solutions
We build engagement strategies and provide professional tools to simplify advisor and client engagement.  We focus on actionable data to leverage your already strong relationships to drive asset retention and consolidation.

We make data easy to see, easy to manage and easy to act upon. Sometimes a good product or advice solution needs only better targeting to achieve its potential. Oftentimes a slight tweak in the timing of an offer can make all the difference. And too often a well-intended outreach simply flies over the heads of your clients because it wasn’t customized – or simplified.  We can improve client engagement by helping the advisor by using:

  • Data driven insights for optimization

  • Stratified service model design

  • Implementation support using enterprise technology including CRM

  • Simple user interface to facilitate easy adoption and management

Organic Growth is the Business Objective

Net New Assets = Organic Growth

Asset Consolidation

Planning and Relationship

Planning for and reactive to life events

Simple tools to support advisors and their clients

Immediate action steps and product opportunities


Three factors require your attention now - to better understand their influence and how to use them to shape your action plans:  The Markets, The Demographic and Fear.

Net new assets is the advice industry’s #1 objective – especially as markets slow and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age. The Boomers represent 80+% of industry profits through 2035. Where will the new growth come from?


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