The “head of household” is now surrounded by three or more generations of aging parents, adult children, grandchildren, former spouses, current partners and other relatives — all of whom may require financial support.


Optimizing the family finances means balancing different objectives and competing priorities. It means talking about medical care for a parent while funding a graduate student.


The Family Conversation is the forum for planning, but also for coping with the four key life transitions of aging — residence, health care, transportation and financial decision making. It’s about living independently but safely, and about growing up and launching a career or balancing work and children. Most importantly,

The Family Conversation is help — help with learning about choices and resources and help with making important decisions. You’ve come to the right place.


Three factors require your attention now - to better understand their influence and how to use them to shape your action plans:  The Markets, The Demographic and Fear.

Net new assets is the advice industry’s #1 objective – especially as markets slow and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age. The Boomers represent 80+% of industry profits through 2035. Where will the new growth come from?


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Financial wellness is coming of age – and we’re all on the journey together.

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