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Transformation of the Advisor-Client Relationship 

Disruption is on the rise in financial services — with significant opportunities for financial advisors. Fueling the disruption are powerful demographic trends led by aging Baby Boomers and a changing regulatory climate. Disruption is also the fuel for innovation as rising client expectations push higher quality offerings and service standards. Advisors as well are demanding better tools for engaging with clients’ comprehensive needs. The resulting environment is transforming the advisor/client experience with wealth management in the lead.

Private Client 2020 is about understanding disruptive forces and how to harness that understanding to build even more effective advisory services. Transformation over time creates winners and losers, but it first creates opportunity.

We help advisors and their
firms prepare for change as the industry evolves

The Transformation of  the
Advisor-Client Relationship

How Wealth Management is
Being Transformed by The Clients


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