The New Advisor for Life

The New Advisor For Life

New Advisor for Life informs, trains and equips financial advisors to engage better with retiring clients using innovative tools and strategies and have better conversations, build trust and drive business growth.


Advisor practice management has evolved beyond “best practices” to include the use of technology, tools, data and process improvement. The delivery of financial advice and wealth management is now a combination of human and digital capabilities delivered at increasing scale across an expanding “household” of three or more generations.


An aging Baby Boomer clientele is more demanding as the challenges of increasing longevity disrupt retirement plans. Even the most successful advisors face difficult choices of where to invest their time and their capital to stay current and a step ahead of growing competition.


Our approach to practice management focuses on how to improve the client experience – using that perspective to guide best practices we source from an array of top advisors. Leadership in the client experience is the best guide for an advisory practice – using the clients’ needs and preferences to focus the practice forward.

Today’s advisor is a leader.

More clients needing help than ever


Aging Baby Boomers are bringing  simultaneous challenges and scale


Employees, associates and clients are looking to you for guidance and leadership

Human advisors bring their humanity - the creativity, the insights, perspective and - most importantly - the empathy needed to truly help clients and their families.

Sponsored by the Alliance for Lifetime Income, The New Advisor for Life is a practice management program with a resource toolbox that helps advisors connect better with pre-retirees and retired clients.


The right financial planning tools help the wealth manager improve  engagement with clients to provide better suitable services and help refine the business results of a wealth management practice.

The Family Conversation


The New Advisor for Life is the revised and updated edition of the definitive guide to growing a successful wealth management firm. Based on the best practices of top wealth advisors, special focus is given to younger generations – how best to engage in the building of net worth and reducing debt – as well as perspective for a broader view of the client as a family. Amid growing competition for the attention of all investors, this new edition examines what qualities clients seek in a wealth advisor as well as how advisors can best articulate and deliver their unique value.


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The right financial planning tools help the wealth manager improve the engagement with clients, drive consistency of services provided and help refine the business results of a wealth management practice.

The Right Tools Leverage the Skill
of a Craftsman.