Get a jump on competitors with effective data insights

The right data energizes your business plan. When you can more clearly see opportunity – and separate real opportunities from noisy data – you give your organization an advantage.


We focus on actionable data and prescriptive engagement efforts using those insights. We make data easy to see, easy to manage and easy to act upon. Sometimes a good product or advice solution needs only better targeting to achieve its potential. Oftentimes a slight tweak in the timing of an offer can make all the difference. And too often a well intended outreach simply flies over the heads of your clients because it wasn’t customized – or simplified.


We build engagement strategies on top of your data to leverage your already strong relationships to drive asset retention and consolidation.

Grasshopper is taking your business leaps ahead by leveraging your team with smart insights and unlocking the potential hidden in your client book
Professional services and
tools to simplify advisor
and client engagement

Data driven insights for optimization

Stratified service model design

Implementation support using enterprise technology including CRM

Simple user interface to facilitate easy
adoption and management

Adoption is the real
innovation in today’s
business plan

Data has to energize your existing approach

Data has to be accurate to have an impact

Data has to be trusted to become effective


The future of financial advice is a blend of human and digital capabilities -
we hear it every day now. But what does that mean? I think it means what most “innovation” has always implied - machines take over tasks previously performed by humans, freeing up the humans to do more important and more valuable work.


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