The Next Chapter

Retirement is here – what we need to do better now 

Next Chapter builds new ideas for wealth management and retirement with our client companies and industry partners. In collaboration with The Money Management Institute and Financial Advisor Magazine, The Execution Project engages more than 40 senior industry leaders to reveal opportunities and expose obstacles. Our client engagements focus on how to best combine human and digital capabilities – how to determine ROI on the components of wealth management and retirement, how to drive adoption, integration, productivity, and streamlined workflow – all in support of better client experience and simplified ease of doing business with advisors.

For advisory firms, shift of client focus from investing and accumulation to retirement management and income distribution has additional importance. More clients are consolidating their assets spread across multiple relationships.


Adoption, not just acquisition, of FinTech innovations becomes the benchmark of success and ROI becomes a function of accurately measuring the value of both human and digital capabilities to create the optimal mix for your company. For advisory firms used to creating only investment solutions, the retiring age wave is truly a new chapter. It is your Next Chapter. What choices will you make?



Next Chapter Study Groups Include

  1. Better Adoption of Digital Tools and Resources

  2. Client Communication Essentials – Financial Literacy, Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  3. Financial Wellness and Longevity Planning

  4. Family Financial Management – Planning for Three Generations (or more)

  5. Centralized Service and Client Experience – Prioritizing Investments Across Human and Digital Capabilities

  6. Better Integration and Innovation of Retirement Income and Protection Products

Advisor Training 


The New Advisor for Life

Become the Indispensable financial advisor for clients and their families

Sponsored by the Alliance for Lifetime Income, The New Advisor for Life is a practice management program with a resource toolbox that helps advisors connect better with pre-retirees and retired clients. Most clients nearing, or already in retirement, have different objectives than when they were looking to the future while saving and investing for their retirement. Supporting the mental, emotional and financial shift requires specific skills, empathy and actionable tactics. Client’s investment portfolios may now have to provide most of their income – will it be enough and will it last? Most retirees worry about outliving their money, having enough monthly income and whether or not they’ll be able to afford healthcare. So the question remains…how best do we help them enjoy their lives without worry? While most advisors help clients invest, The New Advisor for Life is the indispensable professional able to guide clients and their families through retirement, focusing on protection, credit, security and protected life time income.


The specific capabilities available to advisory firms are sponsored directly by the Alliance for Lifetime Income on behalf of its 20+ member firms:


Client Research and Insights

Our original client research and consumer insights inform profiles of different retirement client personas along with their preferences, objectives – and concerns.

  • Client profiles and personas – what clients say they want most from advisors and how to talk about important issues of concern

  • Advisor best practices aligned with specific use cases and client personas – how to succeed with clients in retirement or approaching retirement

The Better Engagement Toolkit

How can you better engage with clients about topics that can be highly personal and sometimes intimidating for both clients and their advisors? We have material to support:

  • Advisor workshops

  • Conversation starters and meeting guides

  • Virtual learning platforms

  • Advisor meetings and conference sessions

  • Advisor meetings with clients

Coming Soon – tools for illustrating the added value of annuitization and Retirement Income Security

  • Scoring retirement preparedness

  • Adding lifetime income solutions to investment portfolio solutions

The Family Conversation – The Industry’s Only Suite of Financial Wellness Scores

An optional addition to our lineup is the ability to make customized evaluations of clients’ preparedness for the key issues of longevity. Our wellness scoring system, powered by Whealthcare Solutions, engages clients on the key topics of longevity planning, but simply and with immediate results and action steps to take with their advisors.

The Advisor Technology Audit

Adoption is the New Innovation and an underrated strategy. Get the most of your firm’s existing FinTech investments by ensuring the fit and integration. Advisors are typically asked to be both the adopters and the aggregators of capabilities you have funded. And too often that funding stops short of supporting advisor and support staff best practices. Let us examine your current state, segment the advisory and support teams for greater clarity and opportunity, and then work with you to develop a better approach. There’s real opportunity in taking a closer look.


Our four stage audit:

  • A Discovery process of aligning advisor technology and resources to the client experience by following a relationship timeline of engagement

  • Analysis of advisor use patterns and appropriate advisor segmentation to more accurately line up capabilities to different advisor work practices

  • Regrouping with your leadership to better understand current use and explore opportunities for better investment in technology, training and adoption strategies

  • Pilot implementation of learnings with project management to test and learn for solutions

Our Expertise
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