Rethinking Wealth Management

and Retirement

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We help advisors and their companies create better wealth management and retirement solutions for the historic Age Wave of retiring clients.


The financial advice and wealth management industry is at the crossroads of challenge and opportunity. Retiring Baby Boomers are pushing advisors and their firms to deliver better retirement solutions. After years of helping their clients invest for retirement, top advisors now have to guide clients through retirement.

​Client priorities have shifted to issues of longevity – retirement income, financing health care, retaining independence, providing for family and preserving their legacy.


Investment portfolios may not be sufficient to solve for multiple objectives. Different strategies for protection, security, credit and protected lifetime income provide advisors with valuable alternatives but create more complexity. Specific skills, empathy and emotional intelligence complete the picture of a new advisory role, The New Advisor for Life, who quickly becomes indispensable to clients and their families.  





The Execution Project is a team of proven professionals dedicated to helping both financial advisors and their firms win in the historic transformation of retirement solutions.


For Advisors

The New Advisor for Life provides best practices captured from top advisors worldwide and proven successful in the development of advisors of top wealth management firms.


For Companies

Next Chapter builds new ideas for wealth management and retirement with our client companies and industry partners. In collaboration with The Money Management Institute and Financial Advisor magazine.


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